The sweetest thing you’ll see all day is this 2 child performing Elvis Presley’s classics…

It is common known that children have an uncanny ability to take in all that is going on around them and can stun their elders with unexpectedly advanced levels of knowledge.

However, one particular family can confidently say that the former is the case since they were able to capture a priceless moment in the life of their kid that they will never forget.

This father takes the sweetest video ever of his little son, who is only two years old, singing one of Elvis Presley’s hits, and it is certain to warm the hearts of anybody who watches it.

Guitarist Steven Converse is the father of the Converse family and as his son Daniel, who is only two years old, is often there whenever his father is playing music in the house, it is reasonable to assume that the toddler has picked up some of his songs along the road.

On the other hand, their kid presented them with a stunning gift one day that they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives.

Little Daniel all of a sudden began singing the words of the timeless song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. Both Steven and his wife, who was also listening in, couldn’t believe what they were hearing!

“To hear him, just like, learn the lyrics and sing it by himself was… sort of a memorable moment for us,” Steven said.

Steven comes to the conclusion that the best approach to foster Daniel’s passion for music is to videotape his son’s performance and save this precious moment on film. After that, he took him to his recording studio, got him to put on a set of headphones, and started playing the song on his guitar so that they could record it together.

Daniel started singing along with the song, and even though he was off on some of the words, the music was absolutely spot on! After Steven posted the video to Facebook, it gained widespread attention almost immediately.

The little youngster captivated the audience with his enchanting voice and endearing stage presence, making it impossible not to hit the play button on the video over and over again.

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