The taxi driver gets rewarded with something quite unique for returning the owner’s property, which was valued at $18,000 USD…

Do you remember a moment in which you inadvertently left something expensive in a public place and then felt irritated when you discovered that someone else had stolen it?

If you happen to encounter someone with the same level of integrity as this taxi driver while you are in Baguio, Philippines, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables will be returned to you before the end of the day.

Taxi driver Reggie Cabututan, who hails from Australia and works in Baguio, recently picked up an Australian customer who was in the city on business. However, when the Australian guy hurried to reach his destination, he made the unfortunate mistake of leaving his bags behind in Cabututan’s cab.

When the Australian passenger called Trent was dropped off by Cabututan at Baguio City’s Calle Uno, Quezon Hill, the driver realized that the customer had forgotten to take his bags with him.

It would seem that Trent’s suitcase included a number of precious papers, electronic devices, and personal things, with a total estimated value of around 1 million Philippine Peso (US$18,991).

When Trent and his friend were on their way to the local police station to file a report about his lost luggage, Cabututan suddenly went back to the place where he dropped him off to return the luggage.

Cabututan was eventually given a full scholarship for 220,200 Philippine Peso (US$4,181) at Vivixx Academy, which is a coding training center situated in Australia. This scholarship was provided to Cabututan because of his honesty and sincere behavior.

After Cabututan has completed his coding instruction that has lasted for six months, he will be offered an internship with an Australian firm and a position with a starting salary of 1.7 million Philippine Peso (US$32,285) a year. Both of these opportunities will be available to him.

It seems that the old adage that those who are kind to others will be rewarded in like is correct, for that is exactly what occurred to Cabututan.

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