The touching friendship between 2 year old boy and his neighbor lady, who is almost 100 years old…

Mary O’Neill is coming close to her 100th birthday, while Benjamin Olson only turned 2 years old.

The two individuals live close to one another, and during the course of the outbreak, they have developed a bond with one another.

At first, they would engage in playful interaction in the backyard, despite the fence that separated them from one another.

Mary would stand on the other side of the fence and use her cane to throw the ball back to Benjamin after he had kicked it. ” Cane ball is what we name it in our family,” Mary says.

While Mary supported Benjamin on in his competitions, Benjamin would sometimes blow bubbles for her.

In addition to that, Mary presented Benjamin with some old Tonka trucks so that he could play with them in the backyard.

Mary reveals that it is her son’s. Since he had passed away, they had remained inactive in the cellar for a considerable amount of time.

In addition to the passing of her son 37 years ago, Mary also experienced the loss of her husband, moreover, neither her grandkids nor her great-grandchildren reside in the area.

Therefore, the fact that Benjamin and his younger brother live next door is something that Mary values very much.

“They’re the closest thing I have around here to grandkids,” Mary says.

Benjamin Olson’s mother, Sarah Olson, claims that her son “has never really had any other pals” because of the epidemic, “thank goodness, he can now go outside and play with Mary anytime he pleases since she lives just next door.

In addition to that, he now climbs over the fence and enters Mary’s yard in order to do so that the two of them may spend time together in more closer proximity.

Sarah expresses her contentment by stating, “I’m so delighted they have each other.”

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