The twin still in mother’s womb sends an emergency signal, which ultimately saves the life of her twin sister…

Poppy McBride’s heart rate started to slow down when she was 31 weeks and five days along, forcing the doctors to deliver the premature baby along with her twin, Winnie.

The medical professionals had never shown any worry about Winnie, but they later found out that she had undeveloped lungs. Based on this information, they came to the conclusion that Poppy had sent out the distress signal, despite the fact that she had no issues whatsoever with her heart.

The mother, Leah McBride, claims that the doctors informed her that Poppy saved her sister Winnie’s life and that Winnie would not have survived if they had waited any longer to deliver the twins than they did to give birth to them.

“I believe your small twin saved her sister’s life,” the doctors informed us, “said the mother of the twin who lives in Lake Jackson, Texas, “Poppy’s heart rate had been all over the place, so they had to deliver her, but after she was delivered, she was absolutely OK.”

Poppy has continued to look for Winnie in the same manner that she did even while the girls were still developing within their mother’s womb, and as a result, both of the children are now in good health.

Poppy and Winnie, who are both clever and feisty, have become the best of friends and are prospering.

“Recently, I attempted to move their mattresses farther apart, but they would have none of it,” Leah commented on how close they were.

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