The unpleasant situation that happened to this woman made her a millionaire…

After a little incident led to a lady winning a stunning $10 million, she decided to share her fortune with her family.

In Tarzana, California, LaQuedra Edwards was at a grocery shop when she made the decision to try her luck by purchasing a lottery ticket for the first time.

Because of this, she reached into her pockets and grabbed $40 in order to place it into the Lottery Scratchers vending machine. In the process of selecting the game she liked, someone accidently bumped into her, causing Edward to mistakenly push the incorrect button on the computer keyboard.

Usually, Edward chose to save money by selecting a low-cost ticket. However, as a result of the bump, she accidentally pressed a number on the machine that she did not mean to press, and as a result, the machine created a $30 200X Scratchers ticket.

She was first annoyed by the individual who had bumped her as well as the fact that she had unintentionally spent virtually all of her money on a scratch-off lottery ticket.

As she walked inside the car and began scratching the $30 ticket, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing since the ticket had just made her the proud owner of a $10 million fortune.

“At first, I didn’t really believe it myself. Edward said in a press release that she got on the 405 highway and continued gazing down at the ticket, which almost caused her to crash her vehicle.

“I’m still reeling from the experience. ‘I am wealthy!’ was all I could think of when I heard out how much money I had made in one day.”

It seems that good fortune was in the air that day, for it was not just Edward who benefited tremendously from this fortunate happenstance.

The Vons shop where she purchased the winning ticket received a payment of $50,000 for selling the winning ticket.

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