The video of an 84-year-old man putting makeup on his wife every day went viral

Aging is an unavoidable process that carries with it changes that we must adapt to.

Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of getting older is having trouble with your body. Things you used to take for granted become incredibly tough, to the point that you begin to lose your independence.

Unfortunately, Mona Meinhan was too old to put on makeup. Mona’s precise age is unclear, but her declining eyesight, along with unsteady hands, meant she couldn’t accomplish the things she used to.

But, according to an emotive and wonderful film created by the BBC, Mona doesn’t have to worry about her makeup since her husband learned how to do it himself!

Des Meinhan, who is 84, puts makeup on his wife every day so that she feels pretty. The video quickly went viral, melting hearts all around the world.

Des even went to a makeup lesson to ensure he did an excellent job. When the couple’s love tale reached Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup artist.

According to the interview, Mona and Des are still in love. They’ve been married for 56 years, and Des does everything he can to help his wife, even though he doesn’t believe she needs cosmetics to be attractive.

“I’ve always believed that less is more, and I don’t want my beloved Mona to be covered in cosmetics,” he adds in the video.

Mario Dedivanovic, a famous makeup artist whose clients include Kim Kardashian, heard about Des and Mona’s tale and invited them to an artist’s class in London last month.

I heard the story of Des and Mona, an Irish couple, a few months ago. Mona’s eyesight started to get worse, so her husband Des started taking beauty classes with rosieodriscoll74 at Benefit Ireland to learn how to do her makeup for her♥️♥️. I phoned my manager and informed her that I wanted to bring Des, Mona, and Rosie to TheMasterClass and that we needed to make it happen. Many thanks to benefit ire for assisting me in making this happen. Seeing them in front of me filled my heart with joy. My personal highlight of TheMasterClass London and the year♥️♥️♥️♥️

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