The weight limit on the historic bridge has been ignored by the bus…

When motorists in Arkansas were getting closer to the famous Beaver Bridge in the Ozarks, they noticed a terrifying scene unfold when they observed a tour bus trying to cross the bridge.

The ancient bridge that is often referred to as the “Little Golden Gate” is a location that vacationers need to try to see.

However, they shouldn’t drive over it in a bus that’s three times the permitted weight since that would be reckless.

The scary scene was captured on camera by a witness when a bus drove over the aging bridge, which buckled under the weight of the vehicle.

The weight limit of the bridge, which is 75 years old, is 10 tons, but the bus weighs more than double that much!

Despite the fact that other motorists honked their horns to alert the bus driver, there was no way to go back since the bridge only had one lane. To everyone’s good fortune, the bus made it over without any problems.

As the spectator who shot this terrifying journey commented, “This is the second bus to over the 10-ton limit one-lane Beaver bridge.” It would seem that buses in the region are willingly putting themselves in harm’s way.

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