The wife is completely unaware that her soldier husband is standing behind her…

Nothing but the most pure expression of love.

Soldiers are forced to spend months, if not years, away from their families for the same reason. Love. A strong sense of patriotism and compassion for their fellow people. It is because of these dedicated men and women in uniform that people are able to go about their daily lives without having to be concerned about national threats.

When they are away on deployment, they leave behind family and friends who are always concerned about their well-being and safety. That is why seeing videos of them getting home is so much more enjoyable.

This soldier went above and above in his creativity.
Ryan wanted to surprise his wife, so he got the assistance of a friend and dressed up in a bear costume before sitting down on her front porch while his friend captured the whole event on video.

Consider what it would be like to be in his uniform while attempting to get into that outfit. Ryan is having a terrible hard time getting in there!

The flowers and the letter are ready, his friend is filming, and the tension is great between the two of them.
He eventually manages to slip his head under and within, and all that is left for him to do is sit and wait, appearing as dead as a lifeless doll in the process. Except that this bear stands at a full 6-feet tall.

Because it is Valentine’s Day, everything must be flawless.
Ryan’s wife, Megan, is completely taken by surprise when the guy who is filming steps up to the door and knocks on it a few seconds later.

Megan places the flowers on the table and starts to read the message.

Ryan tries to spoil the surprise. Only soldiers, even when dressed in heavy doll clothing, can stand without making a sound.

A spectator expresses his or her opinion.

Megan tries to fight back tears as she reads the lovely, sincere message her husband wrote, until she reaches to the part where it says, “PS, I have one more surprise for you.”

Ryan is now on his feet, his bear costume down to his chest, revealing his face.
Megan is told by Ryan’s friend to put the flowers down and turn around. Megan is still upset after reading the letter, so she seems to be a bit confused.

Check out their joyful reunion in the video below!

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