The woman found out bears were living beneath her house…

After hearing rumblings coming from under her house over the winter, a California residing woman was surprised when spring came and revealed that there were five bears living under her home.

The homeowner reported to the BEAR League, an animal rescue organization, that she and other inhabitants of her home had heard a rumbling sound beneath the house during the winter that sounded like snoring and thought it was a bear.

“The neighbors claimed that those who reported about the bears were trying to fool the organization since they themselves had not heard anything,” the BEAR League stated in a Facebook post about the incident.

When spring came, the homeowner finally found out that the sound she had heard was not her imagination after hearing the distinct noises of a mother bear waking up beneath the house, which she had assumed was a raccoon.

“We were on the way right away. We did not welcome Mama Bear since we were not yet aware that there were four additional bears beneath the home at the time ” as the BEAR League stated.

According to the organization, the mother bear gave birth to three cubs last year and ended up adopting a fourth cub who had been left orphaned by his father.

The BEAR League noted that “It was quite a spectacle to then witness the four yearling cubs escape through the opening and gather together on the other side of the fence to travel out into 2022.”

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