The woman found out that the sweater her husband gifted her was meant to be worn by dogs…

If it weren’t for one “minor” problem, it would have been a lovely present to give.

The fact that a Texas lady’s husband had purchased a sweater for her that was really meant for a dog was the explanation given by the woman for the jumper’s peculiar appearance.

“My husband got me a sweater from dirt cheap since it had a red truck on it because he knows how much I adore anything that has a red truck on it,” she revealed in the caption of the video.

After that, she said, “When he handed it to me, I tried it on.”

At that point, she became aware that it had an unusual fit so she commented to her husband that it seemed “very odd” and questioned him why the rear was cut off so abruptly.

She didn’t realize anything was wrong until she turned it over and realized that her arms were moving!

“I couldn’t help but giggle when I realized the sweater was meant for a dog due of the snug fit it had.”

And the undeniable evidence was in what she discovered hanging around the neck of the sweatshirt.

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