The woman gets “perfect revenge” on the driver that has taken her parking spot…

In a vehicle park, a couple managed to pull off very amusing revenge prank on an irritated driver, which was captured on video.

In a video posted on TikTok an angry driver decides to prevent a fellow car from entering a parking place.

The woman says in the video, which she titled ‘parking lot battles,’ that the lady is angry because she wanted the parking place that she and her husband received. The whole time we’ve been at Starbucks, she has been here.

“Now she’s standing in the way of his entrance. You won’t be able to make this stuff.

By carefully reversing out of the parking place as the lady waits waiting to enter, the pair manages to fool her into believing they’re going to depart.

However, just as she seems to have gotten what she was looking for, the guy in the driver’s seat reverses back into the parking place.

Do you agree that there are times when you just have to defeat these folks at their own game?

After the video was published, other TikTok viewers raced to congratulate the pair for their modest, petty gesture while simultaneously criticizing the angry motorist who had caused the incident.

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