The woman was stunned when she found her husband’s letters that he hid for 6 years… When she started reading…

Anna Mellor is a well-known TikTokker who is most known for creating films in which she plays practical jokes on her husband, Rory. However, he may have had the last laugh when a hidden long-con he pulled on her put her in a state of complete stupor.

“I have found a six-year-old secret that my husband has been holding from me,” Mellor wrote in the title of a Facebook post announcing the major discovery.

Anna became aware of her husband’s inside joke after she purchased a pair of used Fila shoes and discovered a secret message written in black Sharpie on the inside: “I Fila lot better when ur around.” As soon as she made the discovery, she contacted her husband to inform him of the unexpected development.

Her reaction: “I was like, ‘I just discovered a love note in my shoes,'” she said. When Rory heard the news, he seemed to be perplexed.

“He’s looking at me like, ‘Are you serious?'” “I’m behaving as if I should be aware of what’s going on,” Anna said.

For as long as he tried, he couldn’t keep up the pretense. The two of us have been married for six years now.

The author said, “I’ve been writing in your shoes for six years and you’ve just just recognized it for the first time and when she removed her second sneaker she saw it had the words “If your feet get weary, I will carry you” .

It makes you wonder how many pairs of shoes she’s thrown away over the years that have hidden messages within them.

Anna was definitely taken aback by the news, and she felt it was a fantastic and original way for her husband to express his love for her

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