The young man received a car as an appreciation for his efforts to clean up the streets of his neighborhood, but there was something more special awaiting for him…

In wake of  the demonstrations in Buffalo, New York, a young man was singled out for acclaim and presented with a full scholarship as well as a brand new bright red Mustang automobile as a token of appreciation for his efforts to clean up his neighborhood.

After seeing broken glass and debris strewn across Bailey Avenue, 18-year-old Antonio Gwynn Jr. took it upon himself to go out at 2am with a broom and trash bags and clean the streets.

He did this because he feared that important workers, such as nurses who are still dealing with the CoVid-19 epidemic, would be unable to make it to their jobs the following day.

After that, he labored for the next ten hours to get things into the best possible form; in fact, by the time his neighbors arrived to help the following morning, the task was pretty well done for them.

The news of Gwynn’s clean up operation was shared on Facebook by Matt Block, 27, who decided to give him a red 2004 Mustang as a present after seeing it. When Gwynn was a kid, his mother, who has since passed away, also had a red Mustang that she drove. It’s just a coincidence.

When Gwynn, who is presently a senior in high school, was approached by a representative from the nearby Medaille College, things were about to take an even more fortunate turn for him.

He had initially intended to attend a vocational school while he saved money for college, but instead, Medaille reached out to him and offered him a full scholarship to attend the institution.

He is currently planning to major in business and minor in mechanical when he attends college.

In response to the opportunity to get a scholarship, he said that he, “I completely stopped what I was doing, pulled over, and began crying. In the same way, my great aunt did. My younger cousin did the same thing… I should seize the wonderful chance that is standing in front of me.”

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