There was a serious car accident involving Dwayne Johnson’s mother, and he has shared a photo of the wreckage…

After his mother, Ata Johnson, almost escaped loss in a terrifying automobile accident, Dwayne Johnson is giving thanks to the higher power that he believes is watching over him.

On Thursday, the Hollywood actor, who is now 50 years old, went on Instagram and posted a picture of the red Cadillac Escalade that his mother was driving when it was involved in a terrible accident on Wednesday evening.

The image reveals the front passenger side of the SUV to be severely damaged. Johnson expressed his gratitude to God in the post for “she’s alright” and for the “angels of compassion that looked over my mum.”

In the accompanying caption, he went on to say, “She’ll survive and continue to be examined.”

“This lady has battled through lung cancer, a challenging marriage, a head-on accident with an impaired motorist, and an attempt at taking her own life. She has endured adversity in ways that give credence to the existence of angels and miracles.”

Johnson continued by expressing his gratitude to the members of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department “for being so compassionate and dedicated” and “for remaining on [the] phone and walking me through it all.”

He proceeded by saying, “I have one parent left, so if you still have your mom and dad make sure you hold ’em tight, [because] you never know when you’ll receive that 3am call we never want to get.”

Rocky Johnson, a professional wrestler and Johnson’s father, passed away in January of 2020.

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