There were challenging times for Carrie Underwood and her husband of 12 years, Mike Fisher, as they lost babies every time she got pregnant. And on January 22, they celebrated their son’s birthday

Carrie Underwood, her husband of 12 years in 2022, Mike Fisher, and their oldest son, Isaiah, celebrated the youngest family member’s birthday on January 22, 2023. The artist shared a photo of Jacob “Jake” as a newborn on Instagram.

The other photographs were of Jacob’s Spiderman birthday cake, which had the number 4 written on it. Underwood’s post caption highlighted how her baby seemed to have been born yesterday and was already turning four.


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The actress wished her “lovely” kid a happy birthday, calling him her “sunshine.” “God definitely blessed us when he gave us the miracle of you! him her “sunshine.” “God definitely blessed us when he gave us the miracle of you!” Mike’s wife said

The artist ended her message by thanking the Ivey Cake Store for the cake and praising the brand. Mike wished young Jacob a happy birthday on Instagram Stories by posting a photograph of him dressed in a “Black Panther” costume.

The former hockey star wished the youngster a happy birthday and mentioned how he brought “fun and pleasure” into his family’s lives. It was a delight to see the happy family of four after what Underwood and her husband went through before Jacob.

Underwood and her husband endured one of the most difficult years of their lives in 2017 while attempting to conceive their second child. The performer stated that she had expected to focus on new songs and have a baby that year, but things did not go as planned.

Mike’s wife remembered becoming pregnant early that year, but things didn’t work out, and they miscarried. Underwood talked to God, observing how the heavenly timing wasn’t quite perfect, and believed they’d sort it out.

She became pregnant again in the spring but miscarried. In early 2018, the actress became pregnant for the third time but miscarried for the third time, leaving her upset.

The singer was creating music during her losses, and she had a writing session just after learning she was going to suffer a miscarriage. Her CD, “Cry Pretty,” had a title song in which she discussed her sadness, adding that breaking apart was natural.

The musician saw that one could neither hide nor resist reality. Underwood added that she had always been frightened of becoming upset since they were so fortunate to have Isaiah, the “sweetest” and “greatest” thing.

Mike’s wife attempted to persuade herself that it was fine if they couldn’t have any more children because their child was wonderful. She also enjoyed their lives and didn’t have anything to complain about.

Underwood didn’t think she had anything to be upset about because her husband, friends, work, and child were all wonderful, but she became enraged. Mike, on the other hand, believed they would have a boy named Jacob, and things changed one night.

The vocalist ended up talking to God about her frustrations. Her husband approached her one day and informed her that they were expecting another baby boy named Jacob.


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Mike told how he arrived at that determination following two miscarriages and considering adoption. The former athlete “felt” God telling him they would have a boy named Jacob while fighting with his ideas.

However, after their third loss, Underwood became enraged and approached her husband, wanting to know where their second son was. Mike questioned what God had told him, yet they were pregnant for the fourth time.

The singer informed her husband one night that she felt she’d lost the baby as well, but he advised they go to the doctor to be sure. When it was apparent that things were not looking well, Underwood desired to be alone.

She walked into Isaiah’s room, got into his bed, and sobbed. Mike’s wife ultimately confided in God because she was hurt, furious, and felt terrible for being irritated with “the creator.”

Former athlete Mike Fisher stated that God was good even during challenging and terrible circumstances.


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Underwood begged God for anything, whether it was a baby or not since she couldn’t go on with the pregnancy and loss cycle. She remembered saying:

“You heard me,” I thought. Not that he hasn’t done so in the past. But I’m not sure if He heard what I said.”


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She requested to visit her doctor so they could end the pregnancy and move on; however, a nurse informed her that her fourth pregnancy was going swimmingly! The ultrasound subsequently revealed that everything was OK, and the parents were overjoyed to meet Jacob for the first time!

On January 21, 2019, Underwood announced that baby Jacob had been born the day before. She shared photos of Mike holding their infant, her posing with the youngster, and Isaiah meeting his little brother for the first time on Instagram.


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The singer announced that their baby’s name is Jacob Bryan and that the family is overjoyed that God has trusted them with the care of the “little wonder.” She observed that their hearts were full, but their eyes were exhausted, and she added:

“Our lives have been irrevocably altered.” “Life is wonderful.”

A few days later, Mike posted an Instagram photo of himself hugging his infant baby, describing the youngster as a “gift” from God. He admitted that the preceding years had been difficult, which made Jacob’s birth all the more special.

They weren’t sure if Isaiah would have a sister, but “we learned through it all that God is in charge and his timing is perfect!” said Mrs. Underwood’s husband. The former athlete stated that God was good even during challenging and terrible circumstances.

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