These are the young boys with hardened past who won over the heart of a self-proclaimed bachelor…

Jack Mook, a detective with the Pittsburgh Police Department, proudly boasted that he was a bachelor and cherished his freedom to pursue his own interests while he was not on the job.

He was a regular at the gym, where he not only boxed but also offered his time to instruct younger boxers.

He had a particularly strong relationship with two brothers who visited his shop almost every week for a number of years in order to learn from Mook.

They suddenly stopped coming up one day, and Mook immediately realized that something was wrong.

When Mook fount the elder brother Josh, he told him about the circumstances in which he and his brother lived with their foster parents, Mook became overcome with emotion and broke down in tears.

Josh was the one who led Mook to his older brother. Mook made the decision to adopt the boys in 2014, bringing to a close the most significant part of his life after responding to an emergency request and deciding to take in and care for two boys.

Mook is certain that the boys have made a difference in his life.

The self-proclaimed bachelor is not only the father of two teens, but he is now happily married and has three step-children.

This is because, when his story of his selfless act of kindness went viral, he became quite popular.

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