These big brothers enjoy getting into character for Halloween and making the holiday extra-special for their little sister…

Patti Schmidt, a photographer, had three children of the same age when she had her youngest child, Avery, who is 5 years old at the time.

Realizing that Avery would never enjoy the thrill of Halloween trick or treating with same-age siblings, Schmidt decided to start a new family tradition of asking her three older boys, Larry, 28, Patrick, 26, and Gavin, 22, to participate in a picture session with their younger sibling while dressed up in costumes during the autumn season.

Schmidt employed innovative camera angles to get photographs of Avery, who was one year old at the time and dressed as Dorothy, “flying” over them as they were on a nearby beach in 2017 for the Wizard of Oz. Since then, some of the themes that have been used each year include Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and The Princess Bride.

The costume that will be worn throughout the Halloween season this year, on the other hand, will not be revealed just yet.

The mother’s video has received more than 21 million views, which has given her children a taste of online stardom; nonetheless, the boys’ primary objective is to make their sister happy. She thinks that the boys have a healthy sense of competition as they really love Avery.

Patti is responsible for coming up with the ideas behind each year’s costume themes. She also posted the video along with accompanying photographs on her Instagram account, where she has over 194,000 followers.

She catches all of the siblings off guard with her imaginative course of action, which makes the procedure even more thrilling.

Avery is having a great time, according to Patrick, a professional surfer, who believes that the activity is “wonderful.”

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