These guys bust out some dance moves in the middle of the street in the name of having a good time and making people smile

Some individuals are hesitant to be themselves and have fun in public.

Uncle Azeez, Nelson, and Kao, however, are not among the dancers.
They’ll break out some dancing steps in the middle of the street just for fun and to make others smile.

It’s something they’ve done their entire lives, growing up in Nigeria, Tanzania, and South Africa.

They recently went viral after a video of their movements stopped traffic near the National Mall.
The trio stated that they intended to create the film to help brighten spirits following the terrible year brought on by the epidemic.

The dancers halted traffic while wearing only flip-flops, a towel, and a hat or shower cap.

Others crossing the street even stopped to film their dance moves on their phones.
On that roadway, they shook their buttocks for almost a minute. Others in the vicinity joined in and began dancing behind them.

“We simply wanted to brighten people’s days and showcase the wonderful African culture,” one of the dancers, Azeez Idowu, told CNN.
I’m not sure how folks stuck in traffic felt about watching people shake their asses across the crosswalk while they waited, but the individuals dancing were having a good time, as were some of the hundreds of thousands of others who viewed the video on the internet.

“Wow, that’s a lengthy traffic light.” “Damn you, D.C.,” one YouTuber joked.

According to FOX 5, the three stated that individuals stuck in traffic didn’t appear to mind waiting as they played.
They also said that the other dancers spontaneously joined in after hearing the music and watching them boogie down. It appears that a prom or fancy party has joined in.

The song they were all dancing to was “Woza” by Mr. JazziQ, Kabaza De Small, and Lady Du from the Party With the English album.

The group is credited with inventing the “Woza Train Challenge,” in which people dance in a line at crosswalks.

“The dance is South African as well; there is now a dance challenge in the country; the genre is called Amapiano, and it is taking the world by storm for those of you who don’t know,” one YouTuber replied.

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