These horoscope signs prioritize influence over anything else… Find out more…

These horoscope signs are just driven by a desire for power and  prioritize influence above anything else, though, it’s something that has the potential to destabilize friendships, relationships, and even workplace situations.

No matter who is in their immediate vicinity, whether it is their family or their coworkers, Sagittarius expects them to bow down. Astrologer Rebecca Farrar notes that the sign of Sagittarius has a motto that is “either go big or go home.”

Aries want to be in command of their personal life as well as their professional lives.  Specialist notes that “the ambition of Aries might occasionally stem from a desire for something greater and they won’t be satisfied until they get the recognition and success that they so much want.

“They are born leaders, who are eager to become engaged with issues and inspire others to follow. They go for what they desire, and may bulldoze others in the process.”

Leos are naturally charming creatures who just want to be loved and respected by those in their immediate vicinity. In order to capitalize on this, Leos want to be in “high-profile venues where social capital may be earned,  they are able to attract everyone’s attention practically easily.”

However, in their desire for power, Leos may end up hurting those who have mistreated them along the road.

There’s a good explanation for your Capricorn colleague’s intense concentration: they desire to advance in their careers, which, in their minds, equates to progressing in their personal lives.

Scorpios are driven by the need to be seen as strong by others around them, which may lead to them suppressing information in order to maintain their position as the top dog.

Keep an eye out for them because their relentless search for power might lead them to “plan in quiet and strike with precision and savagery,” as the saying goes.

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