These three brothers make a touching plea to be adopted by one family and not to be separated…

These are three boys up for adoption and they are looking for a family that will love them forever.

These three brothers are asking to be adopted by the same family, which is a request that touches close to home for everyone involved.

William, often known as Bobby, is the older brother to twins Aiden and Marshall, who are 10 years old.

The guys confess that they are weary of living in a group home in Texas, despite the fact that they like going swimming, playing games, and eating candy.

The one thing that tops their wish list above all others is to have a mother who will snuggle them into their own beds at night and a father who will show them how to behave like men.

When a reporter asked the brothers what each of them meant to them, each of them provided an answer that was personal and moving in its own way.

After giving the subject some serious consideration, Aiden was the first person to respond, and he explained that the words signify love “we want to have a family.”

Marshall said, “They represent the meaning of friendship to me.”

“They are excellent brothers when it comes to consuming Halloween sweets.” Bobby said.

Even though the boys were quite happy about seeing each other again, what they really want is a place of their own to call home.

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