These two girls are convinced that they are siblings and have the ideal response for anybody who does not accept their claim…

In 2017, preschool students in Miami who were just four years old made news online when they said that they couldn’t simply be best friends or sisters.

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland have been firm in their assertions that they are identical twins, and they have a comprehensive list of supporting evidence to back up their statements.

The sisters, who are now 6 years old, assert that there is no way anyone could dispute the fact that they are twins due to the fact that their birthdays are almost identical, they are both four years old, they are the same height, and they have the same soul.

Additionally, the sisters claim that they are identical in every other way.

Even though their birthdays are officially two days apart on June 3 and June 5, respectively, the girls have refused to be told differently, and they have celebrated together every year despite the fact that their birthdays fall on different days.

The children have been insisting that their moms, Ashley Sarnicola and Valencia Copeland, give in to their requests that they wear the same outfits over and over again, and their mothers have been doing an excellent job of complying with their requests.

Jia is of Caucasian descent and has beautiful golden blonde hair, but Zuri is of African-American descent and has black hair. These gorgeous young ladies rose to prominence after spreading the simple but vital message that racial categories should only be used to classify individuals in terms of how physically similar they are to one another.

It is unacceptable for there to be any more disconnections or exclusions. The females collaborate on all that they do. They are friends since they went to the same preschool together, and they are in each other’s presence virtually every other hour after school.

They are so well-liked for their remarkable relationship that their school even has a bulletin board that proudly displays it on the wall.

The moms of the girls are good friends who have decided that they would always be there to support the great friendship that their daughters have with one another.

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