They were blindsided when their son, who was 11 years old, passed away, and now complete strangers are making his dream come true…

Matthew Gallagher, who was only 11 years old when he passed away, always wanted to go to space, that’s why his family is fulfilling his last wish by scattering his ashes in space, which was his greatest ambition.

And without the helpfulness and generosity of complete strangers, it never would have been possible!

No parent ever anticipates having to make farewell arrangements for their kid, however, U.S. Marine Scott Gallagher and his wife Cori found themselves in the position of grieving after the sudden loss of their son, who was 11 years old.

This charming little child is remembered by many for his “contagious grin” and his innate ability to quickly and readily make friends.

As a result, when Matthew Gallagher, age 11, suddenly went home to be with the Lord, his family wanted to do something unique to memorialize him. Consequently, they arranged for a memorial service.

And scattering his ashes in outer space felt like a fantastic way to honor his life and legacy.

Matthew Gallagher was fascinated by astronomy and new technologies. In point of fact, the little boy’s childhood ambition was to one day become an astronaut. And you might say that he was “over the moon” about his impending term at the Kennedy Space Center’s summer space camp.

As a result, Scott and Cori came upon Celestis Memorial Spaceflights in the course of their quest for suitable ways to commemorate their son, who had a passion for space.

The bereaved parents found out that they may be able to send Matthew’s ashes into space via the Destiny mission, which is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral in 2023.

In spite of the fact that Scott and Cori Gallagher were determined to fulfill their son’s last desire, the cost of doing so is rather high and begins  at $12,000.

Cori explained their motivation for wanting to accomplish this by saying that “anyone who loses a kid would do everything to fulfill their goal.”

To make sure that this family was able to remember their son in the most fitting manner imaginable, friends, relatives, and even total strangers from all around the world came in to offer their assistance.

Matthew’s desire, along with that of his parents, was made possible by the kind donations that were received. Ashes of him will be scattered across the cosmos!

Matthew’s parents often told each other and their son, “I love you to the moon and back,” which was one of Matthew’s favorite phrases.

This, in addition to Matthew Gallagher’s passion for the universe, served as a compass for Scott and Cori as they arranged the tribute for Matthew.

“We decided to take the Luna trip so that whenever we look up at the night sky and see the moon, we would always be reminded that Matthew is exactly where he should be,” Cori said in her explanation.

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