This 70-years-old homeless lady and her two dogs had been living in the back of her SUV for the last two years when…

It all started when two of Jennifer Husband-Elsier and Melissa Akacha’s closest friends went up to 70-year-old Lynn Schutzman’s vehicle in the parking lot of a Target in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

“Our very first inquiry to her was simply, ‘Are you all right?'” Jennifer said, then, they found out the sad backstory of the lady who was living on the streets.

Lynn shared with the other ladies that ever since her husband passed away unexpectedly, she has been suffering from a wide variety of ailments. The mounting costs of her medical care eventually prevented her from being able to afford the mortgage on her house.

The former pharmacist had no choice but to cram all of her possessions, including her two dogs, into the back of her SUV. Due to the fact that she was unable to part with her dogs, she was unable to qualify for affordable housing options.

The two ladies started posting about Lynn on Nextdoor, a social networking site for neighborhoods, in order to learn more about her and to get in touch with other individuals who could have known her.

To find out more about Lynn, the pharmacist Melissa questioned other professionals in the industry about what they knew about her. She found out that the lady living on the street was really a well-known and renowned mentor in the area of pharmacy.

“Everyone knew that Lynn was a genuinely great, kind, caring, and generous person who really fell on bad times.  That instilled confidence in us to continue our efforts to start assisting her.”

The two women paid for Lynn to stay in a hotel, and after they posted about her on Nextdoor to make the neighbors aware of her situation, some people went to her parked vehicle in Target to bring her meals, blankets, and even food for her pets.

Jennifer and Melissa both understood that even though they were grateful for this gift, there is still more work that needs to be done.

Therefore, they established a page on the crowdfunding platform for her. “Over the course of more over two years, this lady has been utterly overlooked…by each and every resident of our community!

She has been reluctant to tell anybody, even her doctors, that she does not have a home until now, it is imperative that we assist this lady. NO ONE should ever be forced to live their life in the manner in which she is living.”

Unbelievably, after just 10 days of fundraising, they had amassed sufficient funds to purchase Lynn her very own studio apartment. With the month of May, there were perhaps a dozen individuals who traveled to King of Prussia to assist in painting Lynn’s new house and providing it with some donated furnishings before she moves in.

In the month of May, Lynn was finally able to move into her studio apartment, and a video camera was there to record the moment she set foot in her new home for the very first time.

This amazing community did more for her than merely contribute to the rent of an apartment for her to live in as due to their generosity, she didn’t have to worry about paying rent for the following two years!

Lynn is completely taken aback by all that has taken place, and she is grateful to everyone who assisted her in gaining independence from her homelessness, “It couldn’t have occurred without these angels, i simply want everyone to be aware that anything like this could happen to anybody…. I had an excellent job.

I was looking forward to a comfortable retirement, but I became ill, and health insurance covers just a portion of the costs… I don’t have any kids of my own. I don’t have any relatives… I was trapped and had no other options.

Sometimes, you know, simply the kindness of strangers may make all the difference in the world in someone’s life.”

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