This boy of 11 years old has been offering “emotional counselling” for the low price of $2 at a metro station after he was…

When it comes to significant emotional challenges, people have a tendency to overthink the situation and get carried away, which makes it harder to find a solution. Why not simply inquire with someone who is 11 years old about it?

This young man, whose name is Ciro Ortiz, is willing to listen to all of your concerns and even provide a solution for you, despite the fact that he is rather young.

On Sunday afternoons, you can find Ortiz tucked away in a corner of the busy train station in Brooklyn to listen to your concerns for the low, low price of just two dollars.

Ortiz became well-known for his emotional consulting service that lasted for just five minute which he provided this service while seated in a folding chair and using a little table.

Many worried individuals at the subway station are prepared to take a little break to sit down and obtain his opinion, even though others are just too busy trying to catch up with life.

At first, people did not respond to him in in the same manner as they do now. However, as a result of all of his straightforward but astute advice, a significant number of individuals show up.

The little boy, who was 11 years old at the time, said that it was a nice way to generate money while also helping others. The fact that Ortiz found himself in a position where he need emotional guidance in the past is what inspired him to begin offering it to others.

He was mistreated at school when he was younger, but with the support of his mother and the teachers at his school, he was able to overcome it.

“He’s always been much more mature than whatever grade he is in,” said Adam Ortiz, the boy’s father.

Ortiz attributes his knowledge to his parents, who have instilled in him the importance of treating others with compassion and never discouraging him from pursuing the life of his desires.

Ciro used the money he made from his consultancy business toward providing pupils who were unable to pay for snacks with their own money. What a kind and generous young man he is!

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