This boy has been tormented his whole life for wearing the same clothes to the school till the point that…

Because of serious maltreatment that occurred about clothing, Michael Todd, a freshman, had a really difficult time during his first few of weeks at his new school.

Due to the fact that his family does not have a lot of money, this young guy tends to wear the same item each and every day. However , two high school football players saw what was going on and decided to do something that turned out to be so incredible that it is motivating others all over the internet!

The young person shared their story, saying, “I’ve been tormented my whole life.” There are literally no clothes in my apartment. My mother is unable to purchase me new clothing since I am outgrowing them so quickly.

Two of the school’s football players, Kristopher Graham and Antwan Garrett, both had their hearts broken due to the mistreatment of their fellow students. “When I saw people laughing at him and mistreating him, I felt like I wanted to do something,” Kristopher said.

Both Kristopher and Antwan went home to rummage through their own closets and put together a bag of items to present to Michael. Even a beautiful new pair of shoes that Antwan had just been given had to be parted with.

Michael was taken aback when he saw the garments at school and according to Kristopher, “I told him, ‘we’re in the same third period and I sorry for people laughing at you and I want to offer something to you to make it up,'”

Michael’s face brightened up immediately after the act of kindness since it meant so much to him and both of the children were profoundly moved by his happiness over the present.

“It was a time when I let my guard down. Antwan stated, “I was very close to crying.”

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