This brave little girl just saved her brother’s life when he was about to jump to…

Heroes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Savannah Andrews, 7 years old, of Levittown, Pennsylvania, was a guest on a night talk show, where it was revealed how she saved her brother. She’s one of the youngest heroes, having just saved the life of her 4-year-old younger brother Josh three days earlier: “he was my little brother, and I adore him,” she said

Incident happened when Josh and Savannah were out at the pool  with their beloved water toy in hand.

Unbeknownst to his their parents, Keri and Kevin Andrews, Josh had wandered outdoors as hey averted their gaze away from him for a little moment. “He (her husband) had just gotten home from work,” Keri said, “and we were getting ready to go someplace soon.”

But before you we could go, I heard voices of scream coming: the children were screaming for assistance, even though, they had already avoided the most dangerous situation.

Savannah, thankfully, was watching Josh from her poolside swing when he slipped in while attempting to fill up his squirt toy.

“I sprang to my feet and ran. When he fell in, he got up, went down, and got back up, but then he went down and remained down “she said. As a result, she jumped in. She described what sounded like a classic lifeguard rescue at the age of seven. “I had one arm like swimming to the ledge,” she recounted, “and then he was swimming there with me so we could get to the ledge.”

All Mom had to do when she went outside was pull the kids out as Savannah had completed the difficult task.

“She told me precisely what she had done, and I recognized the effect it had since we wouldn’t have my kid if it hadn’t been for her,” Keri said.

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