This bright teen acts quickly to rescue a woman’s life by befriending the person who took her and contacting 911…

Malyk Bonnet, who was 17 years old at the time, became aware of an anomaly in his environment while he waited for the bus that would take him back to Montreal, Canada.

When he noticed a couple arguing on the street, he had just ended his shift as a chef at a restaurant and was waiting at a bus stop. At that moment, he saw the altercation. Because of the way he interacted with her, Malyk became suspicious.

After that, the pair requested financial assistance from him in order to go to Laval via bus. Malyk gave in and entered a nearby convenience shop to exchange some money for their fare.

The adult and the adolescent had some private time together. She was frightened and begged him for assistance, telling him that the other guy wouldn’t let him go even though she really wanted to go back home.

Malyk realized that this lady had been taken captive and need his assistance; so, he formulated a plan to rescue her and transport her to a secure location.

Malyk informed the couple that he was heading home to Laval as well, despite the fact that he resided in Montreal, and he offered to go on the bus with them in order to help them.

“My intention was to maintain them in a public spot, where there is a large number of people, so i made the decision to get acquainted with the guy in the hopes that he would put his faith in me. Therefore, I played the game,” he said.

Malyk was unaware at the time that the authorities had already begun their search for the pair.

According to Lieutenant Daniel Guérin of the Laval police department, they were looking for a lady who was 29 years old and had been taken earlier that day by her ex-boyfriend. They had the impression that the individual posed a significant threat.

Even though he was ordered by the court to keep his distance from her, it is quite evident that he did not comply.

Malyk maintained his composure the whole time he was with the pair. He carried on his conversation with the other passenger on the metro and while riding the bus on the way to Laval. He was holding off on making the call to the authorities until the appropriate time came.

He took the pair to a Tim Hortons as soon as they got in Laval and even offered them fifty dollars to use toward their meal there.

Unfortunately, at that time, the battery on Malky’s cellphone had already gone, so he feigned to go the toilet so that he could borrow a phone from another patron at the restaurant.

Malyk was able to defuse the issue by explaining to the other person that he had just phoned a taxi after the guy observed him using his phone. After just a few minutes after receiving the call, police officers arrived at the location.

Even the captor was unaware that Malyk was the one who had dialed the emergency number. Malyk did not have the opportunity to talk with the lady following the arrest of her abductor; however, he does recall seeing the expression on her face when the authorities came as she was on the verge of sobbing.

The police officers were so moved by Malyk’s bravery that they decided to start a collection to pay back the teenager for the $120 that he had spent on meals and bus ticket. They wound up amassing a total of $225.

The money was given to him by the police, and he was also given a tour of the headquarters of the Laval police department.

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