This caring teen girl hosts birthday celebrations for homeless children since 8th grade…

Birthday celebrations are a particularly joyful time for young children. A birthday is something that all youngsters look forward to because of the exciting themes, friends, and presents.

Not all youngsters, on the other hand, are given the opportunity to throw a birthday party for themselves, given birthdays can be costly, chaotic, and stressful events to plan and attend.

Other families are unable to afford a party, and some children may not have families or houses in general, making it difficult for them to attend.

During her free weekends, Tanvi Barman, a 17-year-old girl from Hayward, California, organizes the kind of party that you wouldn’t anticipate. Birthday parties for homeless children in the Bay Area are something Barman devotes her weekends to putting together.

These youngsters are homeless, with the majority of them residing in shelters. The nonprofit group “No Birthday Left Behind,” which Barman founded in eighth grade,  serves as the foundation for her business.

Every homeless shelter kid deserves the chance to celebrate their birthday in a unique and memorable manner, and that is the goal of No Birthday Left Behind.

Barman was inspired by her experiences going with her parents to different shelters and observing children who had never had a birthday celebration like the ones she had every year as a youngster.

Barman customizes each party to meet the needs of each individual youngster.

“It makes me so pleased to know that something as little as blowing out their candles is such a huge deal to them, and that they are completely unfamiliar with the notion.

I look forward to every birthday celebration simply because I like seeing their happy faces and when they come up to me and embrace me, it’s the nicest feeling in the world.”

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