This cute little girl spotted a guy who looked like Santa Claus at the grocery store, and their connection was fantastic…

When Santa Claus begins making appearances in shopping centers and other public locations, it is almost certain that Christmas will not be far behind.

The thrill and giddiness that a little girl from West Virginia felt when she spotted a guy at Walmart who looked just like how Santa Claus would look if he were to exist in real life could not be contained any longer by her heart.

Sophie Jo Riley, age 3, was overjoyed when she realized that the man she believed was Santa really was, and she excitedly told her sisters about their Christmas hero.

It turns out that tiny Sophie was not pointing at an elderly guy dressed up in a Santa Claus outfit when she made her gesture. Sophie, on the other hand, was referring to a customer named Mr. Roger Larck when she said this.

Sophie was nervous about approaching her Christmas hero because, despite her excitement about seeing and talking to “Santa,” she was scared to approach him. Thankfully, her dad, Robert Riley, encouraged her to muster up the bravery to go to ‘Santa.

“Santa?” The question was posed coyly by Little Sophie. A humorous response came from Mr. Roger Larck, who said, “I’ve been called worse.” He was not dressed as Santa Claus, but he did have a big white beard and was wearing a bright red sweatshirt.

Mr. Roger, seeing that he had nothing to lose in the situation, made the decision to play the role of Santa Claus for the little girl, providing her with a Christmas event that she would never forget.

She was delighted to tell him that he would be welcome to eat some cookies on the table when he arrived at her place on the evening of Christmas Eve. Little Sophie responded strongly when Mr. Roger inquired whether all of the cookies were for him, telling him that he is only allowed to eat one of them.

Sophie’s elder sister, who was seeing the event develop before her eyes, was moved by what she saw and made the decision to capture the tender conversation that took place between her younger sister and Mr. Roger.

The family of Sophie is very appreciative to Mr. Roger for the time that he gave in order to make their daughter Sophie laugh. For some people, the act may not seem like a huge deal, but to the little girl who was just three years old, it meant the world.

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