This day’s heartwarming story is about a woman reuniting with the man who saved her as an abonded baby

Dave Hickman, then 14 years old, was out hunting with his grandpa when he heard an unusual “cooing” sound emanating from the woods. He went to look into it and was astounded to see an abandoned newborn girl.

The child had been wrapped in a towel and left outside in the cold. Dave did not hear anything for several months after the baby was brought to the hospital. The nurses then brought the baby to him one day so he could say his last goodbyes. They informed him that she had been adopted.

That was in 1955, and Dave couldn’t forget the child he had saved for the next 58 years. “Every day of my life, I’ve seen that vision of her resting in the weeds and me standing on top of the fence.” “And I’ll probably see that forever…” he added.

He wanted to know what happened to the small infant, but he couldn’t uncover any information. One fateful day, he received a phone call from a former local sheriff with some wonderful news. He knew who the infant had grown up to be, and she lived nearby.

Observe Dave’s reunion with the infant he saved so many years ago. That must have been a pleasant, emotional occasion for these two.

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