This dog’s owners were left speechless when they found out what their dog had done…

A family’s new dog has already shown to be worth his weight in gold, after finding special coins worth roughly £6,000 ($7,564) in the family’s backyard. In the month of February, 51-year-old Adam Clark surprised his nine-year-old daughter Alicia with the purchase of Ollie, a lagotto romagnolo.

Because of the animal’s reputation for searching—particularly in search of truffles—the young dog discovered a little treasure on March 30, while taking his first stroll in the nearby countryside.

Ollie automatically pulled out a total of 15 gold special coins, most of which were likely minted in the nineteenth century, much to the joy and astonishment of his Blackpool-based owner.

Adam, who works in the property industry, brought the gold coins to Chards, one of the country’s top gold sellers, who appraised them at a whopping £5,943.96 ($7,564). Adam’s employer, Chards, is one of the country’s leading gold merchants.

The landlord is overjoyed at the recovery of the riches, but he feels that the actual prize is Ollie himself, and has nicknamed him his very own “gold hunter” in recognition of his efforts. “When we first received him, we believed he was something exceptional,” Adam said.

“He was overjoyed, and we couldn’t wait to take him for his first stroll around the gala fields,” Alicia said, “we’d just been walking for about 10 minutes when Ollie suddenly came to a complete stop and began excitedly scratching at the ground.

That’s when he discovered the mound of gold pieces, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them.

“The wealth is one thing, but the reality of the matter is that I’ve purchased myself my very own gold hunter, and I can’t wait to take him out on another adventure.

As you can see, he is a really wonderful dog, and I am happy with what he brings to the table—quite literally.”- said the dog owner.

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