This family band’s rendition of a Lady Gaga song in bluegrass style earned them a spot on “The Voice: Generations…”

The inaugural episode of “The Voice: Generations” on Australian television took place in the month of January 2022. The Voice is a franchise consisting of a series of worldwide reality television singing contests.

A cover of “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga performed by the seven-piece band in February 2022 stunned spectators with its unexpected interpretation of the song.

They gave the song a completely unanticipated bluegrass treatment for their blind audition, transforming it into a synth-pop hit in the process. The crowd was captivated by their performance, and the judges could be seen peering over the backs of their chairs to get a better look at the younger O’Donnells’ enchanting vocals.

Even Judge Urban remarked to the small singer, who was only three years old at the time, “You are the youngest performer on any vocal stage in the world ever.” The little girl sheepishly mouthed the words into her microphone.

Originating in Logan City, which is located in Queensland, Australia, the O’Donnell family initially consisted of just the most senior members.

After meeting each other in the United Kingdom, relocating to Australia, and being married in 1987, John and Wendy created the band known as The Snake Gully Ensemble. Later, they became members of the Sunshine Mountain Bluegrass Band and began performing all across Australia.

When the other musicians did not show up for one fateful concert, their children stepped in to help out. It seemed that the formation was successful.

The O’Donnells were able to prove themselves worthy of a spot on “The Voice: Generations” stage in the end.

Their “gospel bluegrass tune” received high marks from the judges.

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