This guy constructs an ingenious glitter “bomb” for package thieves and shares videos of their reactions

Mark Rober was tired of having shipments stolen in his area. So the mechanical engineer got to work creating a clever contraption that would not only shower glitter all over the thieves but would also emit a fart spray and film the crooks’ responses.

He makes a work of art out of his glitter (not a) bomb trap.

Rober used to work for NASA JPL (on the Curiosity Rover), but now he runs a software company and says he loves simple, creative design.

The device took six months to construct since it required a lot of design work to get four cameras to work and record, glitter to burst, and fart spray to spray.

As you can see, the phony package is far beyond his greatest expectations.

Bonus: The Glitter Bomb Porch Package 2.0 was recently launched on December 15th! View the 2019 video below (and keep an eye out for the Macaulay Culkin cameo).

Here’s a more comprehensive video on how the “Glitter (Not-A) Bomb Trap” was made for the engineers and tech aficionados out there.

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