This Heartwarming Story of a Starbucks Employee Who Received a Life-Changing Gift from a Customer Has Moved Millions to Tears…

One TikToker chose a Starbucks barista to be the recipient of a random act of kindness, and the barista received the greatest surprise of his life as a result of this.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok and has had more than 40.6 million views as of this moment, Perri Saenz and a friend go through the drive-through lane of a Starbucks, nevertheless, instead of accepting their orders, she questioned the guy who was working the window by asking, “What is your dream in life?”

The barista with the name “Manny” said that he was in the market for a new vehicle for himself. Perri followed up with a question about how much it would cost to get one, and he said, “$1,000.”

After Perri questioned him, Manny started to provide more information. The story then shifts to Perri and her friend going shopping for various items, including a little wooden chest box, a bunch of red flowers, and a toy automobile for Manny.

After they returned to the vehicle, Perri pulled a one thousand dollar note from her purse and slipped it into the storage compartment of the toy car. Perri said in the video that they were prepared to surprise Manny with $1,000 so that he could get a vehicle.

She began by presenting him with a bouquet of flowers, which the employee at Starbucks graciously accepted, continued with a smile and said, “This is the first time I’ve ever been given flowers.”

Perri walked up to him and gave him the wooden trunk while saying, “We have one more item” and when Manny opens the chest, he discovers the toy truck along with the money that was hidden within.

Perri’s spontaneous gesture of generosity brought tears of gratitude to Manny’s eyes. “It’s $1,000 so you may acquire a new vehicle,” Perri told him. Before moving on, Manny expressed his gratitude to her for the kind gift.

Perri was able to put together this surprise event with the assistance of the influential Charlie Rocket, who is also the chairman of the non-profit organization Dream Machine Foundation.

Manny was given the first $1,000 he would need to put toward the purchase of a new car by the group before they organized a fundraiser to help him get a more capable automobile for himself.

The amount collected by the campaign was more than $38,572, well surpassing its original objective of $15,000.

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