This hilarious moment was captured at the wedding of a Brazilian couple, when a cat crashed the wedding by jumping on the bride’s dress

This amusing incident was caught at the wedding of Brazilian couple Bruna Rizzo and Paulo Henrique Camargo at the Cristo Redentor Church in Vitória, Espirito Santo.

A black cat invaded the wedding and napped on the bride’s dress, as seen in the images. The cat was well-known among the parish employees at the church. He had a habit of entering the church and circling throughout Mass since one of the priests looks after the neighborhood cats, and the unfortunate creatures are precious to him.

The adorable cat couldn’t resist a great position to snuggle up and relax after viewing the bride’s outfit. As a result, he chose the clothing as the ideal location. He leaped up and coiled up on the train of the gown.

Everyone else in the room was thrilled and amused at the moment. While some people believe that black cats bring bad luck, true cat lovers recognize that this was a gift from the cat and a blessing from God for a happy marriage. The couple also felt that the cat was a symbol of good fortune.

Bruna Rizzo and Paulo Henrique Camargo had no idea that their wedding day would go viral and make them Internet celebrities thanks to cat fans all over the world. Nothing could be more fitting to commemorate and bless your special day than the affection of a cat, especially if you are a cat lover, right?

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