This impressive “Honky Tonk” dance is another level of art

You know you’re in for a nice time when West Coast Swing meets country.
The dance to Travis Tritt’s “Honky Tonk Women” by Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle doesn’t really frustrate; these two experts know how to shake it on the floor and keep the entire crowd on their feet throughout their entire show. Have you ever seen a more enthusiastic dancing audience?

As a child, Jason Colacino began country line dancing, and the dance became ingrained in him.
According to his official site, he later learned swing, salsa, Argentine Tango, jazz, ballet, and ballroom dancing. Because of his success, many people wanted to learn from him and use his abilities. He was able to travel the world teaching, choreographing, competing, performing, and judging as a result of this.

Jason’s longtime dancing partner was Katie Boyle. Katie started dancing when she was two years old and hasn’t stopped since. She is also well known for her abilities in ballroom dance choreography. On the dance floor, Jason and Katie were a match made in heaven.

The video quality indicates that this dance took place many years ago, but it continues to awe viewers with over 11 million views on YouTube.
Jason and Katie’s dance moves are so sophisticated that it takes multiple viewings just to understand how difficult the dance is. It’s difficult to believe their dance is complex because they move flawlessly. In their movements, these two are inseparable.

Katie and Jason have dressed for the swing dance’s honky-tonk section. They’re both wearing blue jeans on the dance floor, which sets the tone for their country music dance. They also have the biggest smiles. These two have worked hard to get ready for this dance and are now ready to party.

Jason and Katie have been partners for a long time, and their trust reflects this.
Many of Jason and Katie’s maneuvers throughout the dance had Katie in the air or very close to the ground. She must completely trust Jason to be willing to perform such intricate actions. Thankfully, she did, and we get to see the results of their dance.

The majority of the time, their feet are close to or completely entwined. Watching these dancers perform this dance with precision while making it appear so easy is incredible. This is a difficult dance to perform!

Jason and Katie’s talent is incredible and a joy to watch.

The viewers are cheering so loudly by the end of the dance that it feels like they are at a sports competition where their team has just gotten the winning touchdown. They deserve every yell and ovation because their dance is the winning touchdown in their dancing sport. It’s an impressive dance to watch online, and it must have been even more incredible to see it in person.

Jason Colacino died of pneumonia and heart failure in 2009, at the age of 31. His obituary stated that

His loss will also be felt by his swing and tango dance community family, who held him in high regard as one of the most gifted dancers to ever grace the floor.

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