This is something you’ve never seen before: a puppy kindergarten.

Gyeonggi-do, there is a fascinating location (South Korea).

This is a puppy kindergarten, so pay attention!

It’s referred to as Puppy Spring.

Today will show you touching photos of small fluffy kindergarten children.

These pictures flew all over the world and became very popular on the Web.

Millions of people are touched by sweetly sleeping pups in their beds.

This kindergarten is designed to provide daycare for pets whose owners are unable to attend to their still small pets due to work or other obligations.

To participate in Puppy Spring, your pet must be at least 12 weeks old.

This type of establishment has grown highly popular in Asian countries.

And this is not surprising, because there dogs are treated with love and tenderness.

Looking at these photos, we can conclude that it is much more fun for puppies in such an environment to while away the time waiting for the owner, and it also turns out to avoid the stress of separation.

In Puppy Spring, everything is like in a normal kindergarten: the kids are fed, entertained, engaged with, and also provided with a place to sleep.

After all, rest after games and a delicious lunch is the law.

Such a picture will melt the heart of anyone, even the most callous person.

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