This is what happened when 90-year-old woman decided to ask something special from a complete stranger…

Wanda, a woman who is now 90 years old and resides in San Francisco, California, has been longing for the companionship of other people for a very long time.

She ultimately came to the conclusion that she needed to take action, gathered up her courage, and posted an emotional message on the front door of one of her neighbors.

When Marleen Brooks read the handwritten message, she experienced what she described as “heart – rending,” but she also felt happy that she would soon make a new friend.

On that particular day, Wanda was paid a visit by Marleen. She went over to see her elderly friend, brought over some cupcakes, and the two of them spent some time together. Marleen came to the conclusion that there were other people in the world who, like Wanda, were lonely and in need of companionship.

As a result, she took the choice to share the news of her new friendship online and  hoped that it would encourage others to reach out to their elderly neighbors and provide them with help: “Frank! And when we arrived, her joy could not have been contained.”

She is 90 years old, requires oxygen, and suffers from a number of illnesses, so Marleen said: “I also informed her that she was free to get in touch with us at any time and that I would make it a point to see her again.”

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