This little girl has always dreamed of attending the father-daughter dance, but it has been impossible because of her dad’s death

This second-grader had always wanted to go to the father-daughter dance. She never imagined that she would be able to attend because her father had died.
That is, until they made the wise decision to volunteer as bodyguards for children without fathers.

“I contacted the mother, and she said it was fine. “I don’t want to be rejected by a second grader,” Van Buren school resource officer Nick Harvey joked. “So her mother discussed it with her, and the next day I formally asked her to be my date to the daddy-daughter dance.”

Harvey was clearly delighted and proud of his decision when he reminisced and told his tale to 5 News while sitting next to the little girl herself, 8-year-old Avey Cox. He showed no symptoms of sorrow and just had good intentions.

When the big night arrived, the parents and volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that it was a beautiful and unforgettable night. Harvey and Cox arranged their costumes, took a limo to the function, and even stopped for pizza on the way.

“It meant a lot because I got to see all my friends there,” Cox explained to 5News before turning to Harvey and beaming. “And then I got to go along with him and have a great time.”
That specific moment was priceless. The way the little child grins at Harvey and gestures at him is so endearing that it makes our hearts melt!

Harvey agreed that it was a memorable night, one he will never forget. According to the officer, the two shared many fantastic experiences at the Arkansas school, both on and off the dance floor.
“I humiliated myself a little bit by dancing when I can’t dance at all,” Harvey laughed.

“Dancing with him… Cox trailed off, seeming as if she was going to cry. Harvey then grabbed her and hugged her. It was a wonderful, honest moment, and their bond is clearly special and vital, especially for a youngster who lost a parent at such a young and key age.

The daddy-daughter dance was one of the night’s most memorable moments. Someone at the gathering videotaped Harvey and Cox as they were dancing and uploaded it to the Internet, where it quickly went viral.

Harvey’s goodness impacted more than just the young girl; the entire globe sensed how pure and wonderful that night actually was. It is very great to see some nice folks out there performing good deeds in today’s world.

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