This moment of the father giving his funny evaluation of his daughter’s impromptu eatery gets viral as it is just too cute…

Christophe Kyle is a huge proponent of the community’s small businesses, and he puts his money where his mouth is by eating at local eateries. In point of fact, his most recent journey into the culinary world took place directly in his own kitchen — more specifically, in his daughter’s play kitchen.

Chris was one of the restaurant’s first excited customers when it initially opened, and Ava’s Kitchen is the newest establishment in town.

Chris provided an objective critique of the eatery and chose to publish it on his Instagram account.

He was quite pleased with how clean the cafe was, but he was rather dissatisfied with the fact that he had to wait somewhat longer for his meal. Despite this, he has indicated that he is going to give the location one more go.

People all over the internet are talking about how funny Chris’ review was and how beautiful his connection is with his daughter. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that his post went viral right away!

“Today for lunch, I went in search of another another Black-owned establishment to patronize. Ava’s Kitchen is the name of the new establishment, which debuted at the end of April. The place is immaculately tidy, but wow, you won’t believe what I’m going to say about the owner!

To begin, I inquired as to the purpose of the balloons that were placed on my chair given that it was not yet my birthday. She told me to mind my own business since those were Mommy’s responsibilities.

I’m the only customer at this location, and I’ve been waiting for my order to be completed for the last half an hour.

She was making terrific headway at first, but then she decided to stop what she was doing and watch Paw Patrol for twenty minutes.

In general, the customer service should be improved, but the chef is so cute that I’m willing to give her another go despite the restaurant’s shortcomings. Let’s not throw up the towel on Black-owned companies too hastily after just one blunder.”

Ava’s personality was well encapsulated in this dad’s amusing tweet in which he acted out the role of one of her clients.

It has been well worth the money spent. “When Ava is in the mood to play, she becomes the center of her own little universe,” he said.

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