This monkey is gaining fame as he was born with a bat symbol on his face…

A spider monkey born at the Brevard Zoo in Florida with what seems to be the bat sign all over his face was recently discovered. —states the Brevard Zoological Society

Despite its young age, a spider monkey born in a Florida zoo is quickly garnering popularity due to an unusual symbol on its nose that seems to be identical to the Batman picture.

Brevard Zoo announced the introduction of this specific monkey in a blog post on their website.

The picture of Batman seems to be spreading throughout the monkey’s nose, in which you can see a “Bat-Signal,” which is a silhouette of a bat extending its wings, the image that is popular around the globe.

The birth of this unusual monkey took place on April 15, and the child’s mother and father will not be known until later. “The youngling is thriving well, clinging to its mother and breastfeeding effectively,” the zoo noted in an official report.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, black spider monkeys are considered vulnerable to endangerment.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, black spider monkeys, which have been identified across southern South America, are classified as “vulnerable” to extinction due to habitat loss.

“Every birth at the Brevard Zoo is a protection against the loss of these rare animals in their native habitat,” the Brevard Zoo said.

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