This question to Johnny Depp during trial with his ex wife made everyone in the courtroom laugh loudly… When Herd’s lawyers asked…

Laughter arose in a courtroom as Johnny Depp struggled to recollect his own films, Judge Penney Azcarate cautioned all in attendance to keep order or risk being asked out of the building.

During Depp’s legal team’s follow-up questions after his cross examination was completed, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was asked to identify his other film franchises, which he did without hesitation.

After rapidly recalling Alice in Wonderland, he was unable to recollect any previous projects and then made reference to the fact that he does not watch his own films.

“I’m so pitiful when it comes to remembering what movies I’ve been in,” Depp, said on the witness stand, a smirk on his face.

“Please accept my apologies. I simply don’t pay attention to them. It makes me feel better not to be watching them. What was the request, once more?”

Several others in the Virginia courthouse burst out laughing, causing Judge Azcarate to remark, “It was a good laugh. I will have you removed if you do not comply with the court order. Understood? Thank you very much.”

Defamation claims against Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard are being pursued in the wake of an article she penned in 2018.

According to Depp, being depicted as a bad person has damaged his Hollywood career, and he first filed the $50 million case in March of this year.

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