This story is about a brave 17-year-old girl who raised her five brothers and sisters

When his mother died of cancer in 2013, the Rodriguez family was in grief. Samantha, her eldest daughter, was the only one who recalled her fondly; the other five siblings were still in their childhoods.

The daughter and her father worked hard to make sure the younger children were comfortable and didn’t need anything. Then the unexpected occurred: the father became critically ill and was diagnosed with lymphoma. She dropped out of school to take care of him.

The entire family was now in a bad situation. When the father died, five little children were thrown into orphanages. Samantha, on the other hand, couldn’t allow this to happen because they were the only natives she had left. Samantha began to educate and care for the younger children with the assistance of her grandmother, who could offer advice despite her advanced age. After her parents died, the family received benefits, and the girl found work as a waitress. The financial situation was dire at first, but it gradually improved. Samantha was able to finish high school and go to university. Her older sisters also helped her around the house.

She keeps going because she wants to be a good example for her sisters and brother, who love her and call her “mom-dad.”

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