This story proves that humanity still exists. Within a short time, a group of volunteers had stepped forward to help this old man

Richard Dubiel is 75 years old, yet he still does everything with care and attention. When he discovered that his house’s roof was crumbling and needed to be repaired, he took on the work himself. It never occurred to him to seek assistance. Richard ascended the ladder, crawled atop the roof, and worked alone on the assignment for three months.

Richard’s neighbor, David Perez, watched Richard hard at work and thought a guy his age shouldn’t be up on the roof alone performing the job. He snapped a photo and shared it on Facebook to see if any of his friends knew of any roofers who could assist.

Within a short time, a group of volunteers stepped up to assist, and David informed his neighbor that they would be arriving on Saturday to finish his roof for free.

And they finished it. The strangers and their generous acts astounded and impressed Richard. Richard was content to rest his aching knees and back while supervising the work. The task was finished in a matter of hours. When there was just one shingle left to be nailed down, the volunteers convinced Richard to do it himself.

Mr. Dubiel told KTVU, “It restores your confidence in people.” “I’m simply stunned.” When this guy arrived at my home and claimed he wanted to help for free, I couldn’t believe it. “What a lovely gesture.”

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