This widower has dedicated his whole life to fostering children who are terminally sick…

Mohamed Bzeek has spent past 22 years of his life working inside the foster care system in Los Angeles County to help children who are terminally sick. He has taken care of more than 40 children, 10 of them passed away while they were in his care.

There are a lot of parents who, when confronted with the prospect of their kid having a terminal illness, either do not have the financial means to care for their child or choose not to care for their child.

According to what Bzeek said “They place them in a facility or they remain in the hospital and they never have a family of their own.

I will take care of them and make sure they have a family so that when they pass away, they will be surrounded by their loved ones”.

In 1978, Bzeek made his way to the United States of America from Libya. In 1989, he and his late wife started taking in foster children, and they quickly shifted into providing care for those who were terminally ill.

Bzeek is the only individual working in the foster care system in LA County who does this, and the demand is high since there are 600 children with medical concerns in this category.

Once the news of what Bzeek has been doing went throughout social media, a GoFundMe campaign established for his family generated more than 160 thousand dollars to assist with the costs of taking care of the children.

Bzeek is convinced that he is destined to do what he does and that in order to be “a human being,” he has to carry out his work despite the emotional cost it exacts.

When questioned about the motivation for his actions, Bzeek responds simply, “I know those youngsters need somebody like us.”

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