This woman started waving her red sari in front of the train carrying 150-200 passengers in order to…

After seeing damaged tracks farther down the line, one courageous lady in India stopped a train by waving her red sari to get the attention of the conductor. Her actions may have saved the lives of hundreds of people.

When Omvati Devi saw that a portion of the rail line was defective, she waved the red robe in front of an oncoming train to alert the conductor.

Because the driver saw the lady in the path of the train in the right moment, he was able to stop the train and save an impending catastrophe and between 150 and 200 people onboard the train in Uttar Pradesh, India, benefited from the situation.

‘I was on my way to the land to do usual job when I came across a broken track and tripped,’ the lady, who has since been lauded for her bravery, remarked when talking about the incident.

“In my mind, I immediately realized that this may result in a major catastrophe. However, I had been led to believe that the color red denotes an unsafe situation.

I used my sari to wrap it around the track to prevent anything unpleasant from happening, and it turned out that my plan was successful when the driver come to a stop.

She declined the offer of one hundred rupees that the driver made to her, but he was very persistent.

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