This woman will never forget the way her husband celebrated her last chemotherapy treatment

Brad Bousquet has been astounded by his wife Alissa’s strength in the face of breast cancer. That’s why Brad wanted to do something particularly special to mark her last day of chemo treatment.

“Through it all, she has astounded me with her strength, fortitude, and optimistic attitude,” Brad says of his wife on YouTube. “She still needs a few procedures, but finishing chemotherapy is a significant step forward in her path.”

Brad covertly called Alissa’s friends and requested that they assist him in surprising her with roses. He also arranged for a florist to sell flowers for $10, with all revenues benefiting breast cancer research.

“I was astonished when the orders started coming in!” Brad says. We swiftly reached 100 flowers, 300 roses, and 400 roses. When we reached 500 roses, I urged the florist to stop purchasing roses and donate any outstanding orders to Susan G. Komen [ed. note: the cancer charity]. ”

170 families purchased roses, raising $4500 for breast cancer research! Suddenly, it was time to surprise Alissa. Alissa’s two kids and four close friends (AKA Alissa’s Crew) delivered the rose baskets to Alissa, carefully packaged in 36 vases. Needless to say, she was taken aback by the abundance of flowers and wondered where they had all come from.

Brad and Alissa went out of their way to share their happiness with others. “After delivering the rose baskets to my wife, we shared them as a gift from our family with the other cancer patients getting treatment today,” Brad explains.

“Several of the individuals with whom they shared the roses cried when they read the note I made for them.” “The delight of sharing these roses with the other cancer sufferers was one of my favorite aspects,” Brad says.

This is a wonderful gesture! Share Brad’s heartfelt surprise with your family and friends by watching the video of Alissa getting all of her flowers.

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