This young boy was praised for helping the elderly woman when he saw she…

Teenagers these days are often seen with their noses stuck in mobile phones or other electronic gadget as they are often preoccupied with what is going on on social media that they are utterly unaware of what is going on in the real world around them.

Nonetheless, you can’t say the same thing with this 17-year-old: Senquavious Driver, 17, accompanied his aunt, Connie, on a shopping excursion to the Dollar Store, where they found some discounts.

They’d finished their shopping and were getting ready to go when Senquavious’ attention was drawn to something nearby: the young guy came across an 81-year-old lady who was having difficulty getting out of her automobile.

She was successful, but she was still having difficulty walking so Senquavious was on the scene in no time to save the day!

The teen jumped out of his aunt’s automobile without a second thought and assisted the lady to the sidewalk and accompanied her inside the store.

She was on her way to grab some Coke, but she couldn’t go very far. The 81-year-old woman revealed that she had just had a fall and had suffered injuries to her back and face.

As a result, Senquavious accompanied her throughout the whole process, assisting her with her purchases and then accompanying her back to her vehicle.

It was his aunt who was most moved by her nephew’s act of kindness. It wasn’t long before she got out her phone and started snapping away.

“I was in tears while I was shooting photographs because he didn’t hesitate to assist her, and it made my heart glad,” she added. I’m extremely proud of him .”

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