Though Bradley Cooper is very private about raising his only daughter, Lea, they are always so beautiful together in paparazzi photos

After four years of dating, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper divorced in June 2019. The couple’s relationship ended peacefully, but the reason for the split was not publicized because the model and the actor were very secretive.

In a previous interview, Irina, who was significantly more honest about their relationship, said that they remained friends after their divorce. The former couple lived just a few blocks apart in West Village.

The former couple also shared custody of their daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, who was two at the time of their divorce and was born in March 2017. According to a source, Bradley and Irina worked out a joint parenting agreement for their daughter.

The model stated that her ex-boyfriend was a hands-on father who did not employ a nanny. Irina also stated that their child had gone on vacation with her father for several weeks and that the model had not called them once.

Some people would be doubtful that Bradley took his position as a father very seriously. On his birthday in 2023, however, some video evidence was released that showed Irina’s comments were real.

Bradley was observed wandering alone in New York on January 6, 2023, a day after his 48th birthday. As he went along, clutching a tiny coat, a reporter wished him a happy birthday.

When the actor returned, he was carrying young Lea, who was clothed in the coat he had been holding. The actor appeared to be in his element as he held her hand and carried her little pink backpack after picking her up from school.

Lea’s mother worked in Paris while the couple was in the United States. Irina, then 37, walked the runway for Thierry Mugler at the Paris Fashion Week event on January 26, 2023.

She donned garments from the designer’s Haute Couture 2023 collection, and she also posed for Schiaparelli and Ludovic de Saint-Sernin that week, while Lea, then 5, was left in the care of her father.

While Irina was abroad, Bradley and their daughter looked to be having fun, as they were photographed walking in New York City on the same day the model was in Paris. They chatted and laughed together while holding hands.

The actor wore a blue coat, a flannel shirt, a grayish-blue undershirt, gray slacks, and sneakers while carrying his daughter’s pink backpack. Lea wore a green coat, a red and white polka dot skirt, black leggings, and sneakers to stay warm.

Bradley has been loyal and seemed to enjoy being in her company ever since he became a parent. However, before Lea came, the “A Star Is Born” star was going through some difficulties.

Bradley admitted to being “very lost” before Lea’s birth during a June 2022 “Smartless” podcast interview. The “Burnt” actress also acknowledged being hooked on illicit drugs at the time.

He also injured his Achilles tendon after being sacked or leaving “Alias.” During that time, the actor also admitted to having “zero self-esteem,” which pushed him to perform crude comedy to make himself feel better.

Bradley and Irina were initially romantically linked in May 2015, when they were photographed going around New York City holding hands and kissing. However, the pair kept their connection private and never shared it with the media.

A source said the following year that the couple was thinking about having a kid. According to the informant, the couple both desired children one day, and Irina was pregnant with their first child by December 2016.

Her pregnancy, however, did not prevent her from working hard in Europe, and another source stated that Bradley looked “more protective” of her. He was observed leaving her at the airport, where they kissed before she took off for another job.


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According to a source, the couple felt “very fortunate” and “absolutely happy” when Lea was born in 2017.The three-person family was spotted on their first trip with their baby daughter in April of the same year.

Bradley Cooper stated that it enabled him to embrace his “childlike personality” without fear of being judged.

The group went for a walk in Venice Beach, California, and stopped at Jeni’s Ice Cream Shop. Bradley’s new and different life, which was healthier and more satisfying, began with the birth of Lea.

Bradley remarked in 2018 that having Lea and his own family opened him up to the day and being present. The actor, who stated that he has always wished for his own family, also expressed his greatest wish for his daughter, stating,

“I simply want her to feel loved all the time.”


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The “American Sniper” star stated that being a parent changed everything for him and that it was the most meaningful thing that had ever happened to him. Bradley stated that he occasionally had a breakthrough or a beautiful moment on set—40 times the delight he felt with Lea on a regular basis!

He remembered waiting for his baby to finish pooping so he could wipe her and realizing it was the best moment of his life! During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2019, he reaffirmed that parenthood had altered him in every aspect.

Bradley described it as allowing him to enjoy his “childlike personality” without fear of being judged. Because he wanted Lea to feel appreciated, the actor didn’t think it was strange that he could play with toys and watch cartoons all day without feeling like he was wasting his time.

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