Three homeless children are given lunch by a kind stranger, and one of the children suddenly stops eating and says…

This emotional story really took place in the Philippines. Patrisha Capillan and her boyfriend were having an ordinary supper at a fast food restaurant when they were witnesses to an extraordinary event.

A guy had made the decision to feed a group of young homeless children at the restaurant where they were eating.

The exchange that took place between the adult and one of the youngsters, though, was what brought tears to her eyes.

The man who was dining with the three youngsters was captured on camera by Capillan in the video.

As she observed them, she couldn’t help but be moved. The most heartwarming moment, though, was when one of the youngsters dressed in green stopped eating and the adult questioned them why they had done so.

The boy said that he would want to take the food back to his mother so that she may also have some to eat and it moved Capillan to tears as it was so heartfelt.

After listening to the youngster’s response, the kind adult proceeded to place another order for a hamburger for the toddler to take. Even if Capillan didn’t start firing until after this had already taken place, the scenario shown in the video is still rather lovely.

After the video was shared on Facebook, several users commented on how much they admired the guy and expressed their gratitude to him for being an inspiration to them.

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